We are dedicated to using analytics to drive healthcare transformation. For the past 30 years our work has been focused on healthcare quality improvement and public health interventions.


Our Mission

  • Everything we do is designed to help our clients become data-driven so they can improve quality, enhance patient experience and satisfaction, while reducing costs.

  • We believe the key to transforming healthcare and quality improvement is through the use of existing data to identify strategic opportunities for targeted, transformative action.

                                                  Reaching the summit of your analytic capabilities

                                                  Reaching the summit of your analytic capabilities

“At Sum-IT our goal is to help you build analytic capabilities and start using your data to drive change. Our team will work collaboratively with you to meet your priorities and goals.”
— Kathy Schneider PhD, Miriam Isola DrPH CPHIMS; Co-Founders

Our Team Has Extensive Experience In:

Health Analytics

  • Patient-level risk scoring

  • Examine impact of drug therapies on overall cost of care for populations

  • Comparative analyses of high-cost hospitals

  • Readmission rate forecasting

  • Organization quality and cost metrics


  • Quality Improvement Projects:  CHF, AMI, COPD, Diabetes,

  • Change management for clinical care guidelines

  • Process redesign for care coordination

  • Population Health - health and wellness